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2023 Direct Mail Trends

The past few months you probably noticed an increase in catalogs showing up in your mailbox, leading up to the holidays. Yes? Us too! This was no mistake! It is a continued trend, as Keypoint Intelligence forecasts suggest that this will continue to rebound over the next several years. Print is not just a tool to provide convenience for consumers to buy right away, it can be used to deepen a consumer’s connection to your brand and business!

Email is usually the easy choice, but today’s inboxes are overwhelmed with messages, and marketing trends are shifting as consumers are suffering from digital fatigue and tire from online marketing. The impact of Direct Mail is stronger now than ever!

Don’t overlook the golden opportunity you have to make a genuine connection to stay top of mind with your customers. A well-executed direct mail campaign can always position your business for success. Allow our reputable Advertising Experts at Direct Advantage Magazine in Connecticut and Westchester, NY help you stand out, get noticed, and connect with your valued customers! Our team is here and ready to help you execute an effective direct mail marketing program that meets your needs and budget as we head into 2023!

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